We just attended ‘GLOW’ in Eindhoven which was amazing. What an incredible gig. Sponsored by Phillips and many others it took place in our new design home town Eindhoven.

What is it? It’s a celebration of light, art, design and architecture. Bringing together the fabulous light constructions by artists from all over the world. Transforming Eindhoven into a massive experiment with light.

The most amazing thing I found from visiting the event was just how much immersion I experienced when viewing the different installations. When in the semi-darkness and presented with intense, relaxing, ambient, bright…. visual stimuli my senses went off the chart and I found myself just staring and enjoying the moment.

But why take my word for it. Here’s some great photos below and do check out the videos found here or watch them below.
Eindhoven Glow eBusiness Consultants

Eindhoven Glow eBusiness Consultants.2

Eindhoven Glow eBusiness Consultants.3


ps Sorry for the ad on the video we might be in the ad industry but most of the time we hate watching them too :).

Check out the glow website for more amazing installation designs here

Hope you enjoyed it and keep us in mind when you’re looking for a really great webdesign for your business.


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