colour in webdesign

People react consciously and subconsciously to colour. A colour evokes a feeling or associations. Colour has a major impact on brand perception and helps people to remember a brand. A study has shown that by colour brand awareness is increased by 80%.

In the case of webdesign much time is spend on a website that is functional and user friendly. In addition, colour use is essential for success. By using the right color website visitors stay longer on your website or a button with a call to action such as ‘buy now’ is more noticeable because of the contrasting colours.


We choose the right colours for your logo and website based on the goals and the characteristics of the target group. Thus, for example, men love most bright colours like blue and green combined with black. In contrast, most women prefer transparent and mixed colours as pink and purple.


The following infographic illustrates the power of colour. First the three main colour categories are discussed. Thereafter, specific colours are analysed 1) the associations the colour evokes 2) how we can apply the color is best in webdesign and marketing. Feel free to download the ‘Power of Colour’ infographic’



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