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Products are made in a factory, brands are made in the mind.

Our team loves developing brands! It’s the tangible personification of your company; your brand needs to be formed with incredible enthusiasm and a strategic methodology. If you have an existing brand that needs a refresh or you’re starting from scratch our branding experts would love to hear from you.

Epic brands conjure emotions and trigger memories of product and service experiences you thought were forgotten. Looking at the image above, most of us would recall their first pair of Converse shoes. But some of us might recall negative publicity of Converse using child labour (ps. they don’t anymore). Creating epic brands then managing them correctly is crucial to business success.

“It’s not about brand, it’s about style.” Let us build you a brand that people love.

Who we work with?

We develop and reinvigorate brands for small to medium companies looking for a well rounded branding strategy. A brand isn’t just a logo it’s your message and the foundation of your whole communication strategy. Done properly it can become a living idea in the minds of your customers.

Why work with us?

You need a team that can boil down your company into the brand foundations which really appeal to your market. Then back it up with a creative platform and tactics to position your business right and hit your revenue targets. Our team will develop you a brand that will resonate just right with your customers.

Your Investment

Branding pricing varies according to your organisations needs. Branding isn’t just design. It’s research, thoughts, creativity and finally design and execution. Contact us and tell us about your branding needs so we can provide you with an estimate.

Turnaround Time

Brand turnaround times depend on the brand and the brand assets we need to create. It also depends on your budget and how far you want to go as a general rule of thumb a typical brand takes 2-3 weeks.





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  • colour in webdesign
    People react consciously and subconsciously to colour. A colour evokes a feeling or associations. Colour has a major impact on brand perception and helps people to remember a brand. A study has shown that by colour brand awareness is increased by 80%. In the case of webdesign much time is spend on a website that…
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